Farmer's Rye Bread

farmer's rye bread
A light and mild rye mix mad with %80 rye and 20% whole wheat flour tied together with sourdough. Perfect for breakfast.
Product - 85059
Item no.659
17.7oz. (500g) each
Farmer's Bread

Sunflower bread
Traditional craftsmanship rye bread baked with leaven. A crispy crust and juicy crumb to support the aromatic flavor of this bread.
Product - 85131
Item no.665
35.4oz. (1kg) each
Finnish Bread

Finnish bread
A dark round bread loaf with a wonderful rustic taste. Made from a mix of rye and wheat flour filled with assorted whole grains, flax sunflower seeds.
Product - 85056
Item no.604
17.7oz. (500g) each
Seeded Bread

Seeded Bread
A wonderfully healthy bread made from a natural sourdough with sunflower, flax and sesame seeds.
Product - 85060
Item no.660
17.7oz. (500g) each
Stone Oven Bread

Stone Oven Bread
This light and airy rye bread is a top seller in Europe. It is a rustic bread is made from a traditional recipe, with the best ingrediants available and is still baked in a real stone oven (hence the name, of course!).
Product - 85062
Item no.761
17.7oz. (500g) each
Sunflower Bread

Sunflower bread
A delicious dark rye made with whole wheat flour, soy and oat germ and sunflower and flax seeds.
Product - 85063
Item no.763
17.7oz. (500g) each
Pumpkinseed Loaf

Sunflower bread
An oblong loaf of bread made from wheat and rye flour, 
soybean and oat meal as well as flaxseed and pumpkin seeds. 
Topped off with a pumpkin decoration.
Product - 85044
Item no.776
17.7oz. (500g) each