.Cakes and Tortes.


A delicate crust covered with a thick layer of fluffy cream lightly flavoured with vanilla. Topped off with roasted, sliced almonds and a refined caramel glaze.
Product - 85132
Item no. 8104186
20 pieces precut
Donau Wave

Donauwelle or Schneewittchenkuchen.
Also known as Snow White Cake, this has a chocolate cake middle with intermittent red cherries and a whipped cream top sprinkled with cocoa.
Product - 85193
Item no. 8107121
20 pieces precut

Plum Streusel Tray Cake

Pflaumenschnitte mit Streuseln
A rustic classic. A mouth-watering layer of European sweet sour plum halves that melds atop a crusty bottom and is covered with a golden brown butter streusel.

Product - 85091
Item no. 8100494
Precut with 16 slices

Apple Streusel Tray Cake

Apfelschnitte mit Butterstreusel
A crispy crust bottom covered with a juicy apple and raisin filling. Topped off with a layer of butter streusel baked to a golden brown perfection.

Product - 85090
Item no. 8100492
Precut with 16 slices

Poppy Lattice Tray Cake

A thick layer of poppy seed cream pudding topped off with a golden baked lattice. A delectable treat for any poppy seed lovers.

Product - 85094
Item no. 8100502

German Cheese Cake

A well known German favourite. Made with eggs and fresh quark or curd cheese, it is baked to a creamy, golden yellow consistancy.

Product - 85092
Item no. 8100495
precut with 16 slices

Black Forest Torte

Schwarzwalder Kirsch Torte
The original Black Forest Torte directly from Germany. Chocolate cake layered with thick whipped cream and real european cherries mixed with kirsch. It is topped with decadent chocolate shavings and cherries.

Product - 85124
Item no. 8104360
11 inch uncut. Will yield 16 slices when cut.