.Product Information.

Priska's Breads N'More, LLC provides a broad assortment of parbaked (partially baked) European breads and baked goods, as well as the more traditional German Breads and Rolls (including the ever popular Spitzweck and Bavarian Pretzel Breads). All of these products are baked from fresh, natural ingredients, with out any artificial preservatives, flavorings or coloring agents, under the very strict code inherent to the "German Purity Law". Our supplier, prepares these baked good products; they are fresh frozen immediately, and shipped in full-assorted containers to our distribution location in Florida. Once customers receive our baked goods, all that is needed is an additional 5 - 20 minutes (times vary with products) of bake time in the oven for perfect, fresh baked products.

Our supplier has been serving the European fresh "baked goods" market since the late 1700's and now has four baking locations through out Germany; all locations utilize natural ingredient recipes dating to this earlier time period. Our supplier is ISO 9001 certified, and well steeped in the quality traditions that are so very important to maintaining a sound business base in Europe; indeed, they ascribe to the very rigid standards that comprise the elements of the above referenced German Purity Law, which has governed the baking industry in Germany for centuries.