A light and crispy bun that bakes to a golden brown perfection. Ideal for sandwiches of all kinds.

  Product - 85061
Item no.750
2.47oz. (70g) each
Kaiser Roll

The classic kaiser roll baked to a golden brown perfection. Great for sandwiches and an excellent subsitute for hamburger buns.
  Product - 85039
Item no.124
2.65oz. (75g) each
Pumpkin Seed Roll

A mix of whole wheat and rye flour topped off with whole pumpkin seeds for a wonderfully hearty roll. It is the perfect size for sandwich and an excellent accompiment to soups and stews.
  Product - 85055
Item no.581
2.83oz. (80g) each
Pyramid Roll

This multigrain rye roll is a healthy alternative to the Brotchen. It is made with buckwheat flour and an assortment of seeds (sunflower, flax, sesame and buckwheat).
  Product - 85066
Item no.1047
2.83oz. (80g) each

  Breakfast broetchen from southern Germany. Made with baguette dough. Perfect with cold cuts, cheese, honey or jam.  
  Product - 85038
Item no.097
2.5oz. (70g) each