Almond Cornet

A dense but decadent marzipan flavored pastry with sliced almonds and ends dipped in dark chocolate.
  Product - 85079
Item no. 3612
2.47oz. (70g) each
Apple Strudel

The real thing. Made from the traditional Bavarian recipe with German apples and plump raisins. Wonderful with whipping cream or vanilla sauce.
  Product - 85097
Item no. 629
5.3oz. (150g) each

  "Ich bin ein Berliner" - The infamous German 'doughnut'. A delicious treat filled with red currant and raspberry jam and covered with granulated sugar. Also known as 'Krapfen' in Southern Germany and is especially popular during Fasching.
  Product - 85036
Item no. 019
2.83oz. (80g) each
Streusel Taler

  Streuseltaler mit Vanillecreme. Two light pastry cakes with a whipped vanilla cream in the middle. Topped with streusel and powdered sugar. Not nearly as sweet as they look. Must eaten within three days after thawed due to the whip cream.
  Product - 85084
Item no. 7302
3.53oz. (100g) each